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The story of Essential Living basics


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About me…

A pharmacist who loves natural alternatives alongside conventional meds

A creative experimenter keen to try out “concoctions” for skin ailments

A fifty-something who loved the sun more than my skin back in the 80’s (think baby oil and SPF2

for skin protection)... now dealing with the consequences

That’s me!

My inspiration…

Dispensing endless prescriptions for steroid applications to young and old knowing the effects of

long term use. made me desperate to explore natural alternatives to heal, protect and rejuvenate

our precious skin

Hearing great results after using my products is what makes my heart happy and full

Fact: We absorb 70% of what we apply to our skin into our bodies….so….be kind and considerate!

Reduce skin sensitivity and inflammation caused by exposure to harmful ingredients in everyday

skincare products ( parabens and petroleum derived oils to name a few)

Why are my products different?

Colloidal silver (natural anti-microbial) replaces water in cream products

Ingredients are natural, sourced from a reputable organic supplier and EcoCert/Cosmos approved.

Essential oils specifically beneficial for certain skin conditions are added

There are no age restrictions or “his” and “hers” - let the whole family use them

This is what ESSENTIAL BASIC skincare is about!

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